TO DONATE OR GET INVOLVED: send an email to for more details or click here to donate any amount of your choosing

MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 29004, Santa Fe, NM 87592

REGISTERED ADDRESS: 1846 E. Innovation Park Dr. STE 100, Oro Valley, Arizona 85755

TO CALL US: please contact (877) 640-7474

Panacea Hope is a 501c3 Non-Profit Foundation Creating Healing, Health, and Hope for Children and Families in Need

Mission: To provide an educational and sustainable foundation supporting children and local families through organic food growing practices, emotional and educational support, and interactive community involvement.

Initiatives: 1. Helping  children and families have access to healthy food, clean water, and emotional/spiritual/physical support. 2. Cleaning up our cities through ongoing educational classes and interactive organic food growing practices within the local setting. 3. Reducing our carbon footprint and fiscal dependency through self reliance and reduced waste initiatives.

National Vision: To have Panacea Hope foundationsin over 100 major cities in the U.S. providing enough organic food and education to support 100,000 families each year.

International Vision: To have Panacea Hope foundations in over 100 countries around the world providing enough organic food and education to support 10,000,000 families each year.

Donate: We are officially approved for our 501c3 Non-Profit status –click here to donate any amount of your choosing

Location for 1st Foundation: The first foundation called YouCadia is being developed in Santa Fe, NM.  Each foundation will require a very talented, passionate, and skilled on-site Director and team of community members to manage/support/maintain the location.

About the Founder:
Nathan Crane, author, speaker, and inspirational teacher of Life is the Founder of Panacea Hope.  Nathan is dedicated to teaching and involving children and families in urban settings how to grow organic food, overcome emotional traumas, and support the local community by creating educational and sustainable healing foundations in every major city around the world.  Nathan was homeless three times before reaching the age of 22, overcame addiction, violence, and poor health, and began dedicating his life to helping others break free from poverty and illness through conscious education, emotional support, and organic food growing practices.

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